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Dear Guest!
Warm welcome on my new site. If you are here by chance, I have to inform you that this site is consecrated totally to ME - that means to a singer (bass) and an instrumentalist (the organs, the piano, the keyboards).
Being an ardent student I remember very well the advice given to us by one of our professors: Praise yourself whenever you can, because if you don't do it, nobody will praise you.
Let me then use this quotation as an excuse for all the boasting you will find on this site. It's not me, it's all my professor's fault...
As an introduction a few words about me - these providing only a short information.
I was born in 1971, since the last year I have been living and working as an organist in the church in Knurów (in Silesia in the southern Poland), though my experience in this profession is much longer - going back to 1986..
Since 1998 I have organised and performed a constantly increasing number of serial concerts under my own name entitled „Tomasz Paslawski invites...” Depending on the season, they have different main theme, but always gathers a lot of public. A record in this case was the Christmas Carols Concert in January 2004, in the presence of about a thousand listeners from all the region. The carols are in a way my speciality but as wrote the press a few years ago „(...)In the long history of the music there were only few pieces, which Tomasz Paslawski would decide not to play in the church. During 15 years of his career the young musician living in Gliwice enchanted as well as shocked the gathering performing on the organs for instance.: „Steps to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, „Chariots of Fire” by Vangelise, The Beatles songs, Strauss waltzes or modern electronic music of Jean Michel Jarre.(...)”.*
The English version of my site is still in progress and the translation of the whole article as well as the news will be soon available. Meanwhile I invite you, my Dear Guest to help yourself with some pieces of my music, which you can download from this page and have a look at some of my pictures as well by clicking on the Gallery icon.

*The extract from the article (pl) written about me in the local paper „Dziennik Zachodni” (13.04.2001).
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